Thursday, 15 June 2017

Runanga Show

On Tuesday Blaketown School went to Runanga School to watch a show, well it was basically a rehearsal for the night so we were their warm up audience.
Firstly we had to take a bus to Runanga School of course and it is pretty far away from Blaketown school. Here is a fact last time we went to Runanga School to watch a show was 2 years ago, WOW!
Secondly when we got there we had to take our seats row by row and I got to sit in the front, "best view yet!". So when they were just about to start they introduced what they show was about.
Thirdly we had to sit back and relax and enjoy the show, the first part was the little kids in animal onesies and there was a song, it was Lions or Lion sleep tonight, it was very cute. So the rest of the show was EPIC! Here are some pictures down below.
 It was very nicely decorated.
 This is where as I told you when they were dancing to Lion sleep tonight.
 This is when they were auguring about lies and lies. 
 This is when we were applauding to the actors and Helpers.
Finally this was my favourite part, it was Kid President of 20 tips of making someone feel special. Here is the link, Just ctrl c to copy and ctrl v to paste!

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